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  • “范文大全” 演講稿

    my drem英文演講稿3篇

    發布時間:2021-03-24 來源:演講稿 手機版

      全國各大學越來越重視學生英語交際能力和實際運用能力的培養,各高校也通過組織學生參加全國性的英語演講比賽,來展示學生的英語交際能力和實際運用能力。下面范文大全小編整理了my drem英文演講稿3篇,供你參考。

    my drem英文演講稿3篇

      my drem英文演講稿篇1

      dear students and teachers:

      my great pleasure to share my dream with you today. my dream is to become a teacher. to be honest ,at first i don’t want to be a teacher, because in my view, this job is not challenge and monotonous . the major reason is that i am not patient enough and want to live a colorful life. however, when i see their eyes, especially the hungry eyes, i know there is something that i can do to change their situation..

      i dream that one day, more and more people will take part in the public service activities and try their best to help the poor students. because we are a big family, only when we do it, our society will be much more harmony.

      i dream that one day, the government will take measures to strengthen the investment on education. of course, it is a long process to achieve the goal -fair education. whatever the government is the most important roles in the progress, just like bridge between starting and destination.

      i dream that one day, when the students get up in the morning,, there should be a light flash in their eyes, with greeting the dawn’s first ray of sunshine instead of worrying about the books even the power and dinner.

      i dream that one day, there will be more volunteers participant it and to be a teacher. as the saying goes, teach him to fish than give him fish. bacon once said, knowledge is power. for poor student is exactly correct.. at present, education is fair in some certain degree whether you believe it or not. they just can change their lives by the means of learning, working, improving and leaping. so teacher is bad indeed.

      let pray for them ,they will be live better and have a bright future.

      my drem英文演講稿篇2

      today,i'm very glad to stand here to share my dream with you.

      everyone has dream. some people wan to be rich,dreaming of millionaires overnight,other want to be famous,dreaming of suddenly jumping to great fame.different people have different dream. of course,i've no exception. i love english very much.so i want to be a famous translator in the world.people all over the world can know me .

      i never thought of my dream when i was a kid. later,my dream always changed. at that time i don't know what dream is. i haven't studied english at all when i was in primary school. so you can imagine how awful my english is. i think it is impossible for me to study english well. because i never read english words and english articles. i don't like english ,either. and i can't read the english well. but one day something changed , i have already changed my mind . i fall in love with english. i never give up ,although i'm not good at it. then i began memorizing words, making sentences and doing some reading every day. i know we needed to build confidence in the process of learning english. we must know "confidence can be gained with daily progress."

      i want to stand on the top of the world. now i can't requirement and it's not easy for me, but i'll study hard in the next two years. there is an old saying "where is a will,there is a way." i think my dream can come ture. i believe "nothing is impossible" from beginning to end. it's very important to success.

      at last ,i want to say to everybody"hole on your dreams firmly, no matter how big or small they are. the path to dreams may not be smooth and wide, even some sacrifices are needed. but hold on to the end, you can find there is no greater happiness than making your dream come ture"

      my drem英文演講稿篇3

      Good afternoon,ladies and gentlemen.Different people have different dreams.What's your dream?Could you tell me your dream?Of course,now it's my tend to share my dream with you.

      My dream is to do myself well.Maybe you will say it's so easy that you can do it right away.Really?

      When I was young,I lived by a river.At first,the river was very clean.After several years,the river was covered with lots of rabbish.In my eyes,I felt very sad,removing the gabbage from the river.As we all know,we can't do anything without water,and we will die,then the world will end.Why does it occur?That's only because we can't do ourselves well and throw the gabbage everywhere.After that,I dicided to do myself well.

      However,when I entered senior high school,I lost myself and forgot my dream.As a student,I was supported to study hard,but I indulged myself in surfing the internet.I hadn't even mentioned my dream before my mom asked me with anger whether I would stick to my dream.I felt very guilty ,and still remembered the look of my mom.I must insist on my dream,never give up.I'm sure I can do myself well.

      Once going on the wrong road,you may not do youself well.Now ,would you still think my dream is very easy to come true?

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