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  • “范文大全” 演講稿


    發布時間:2021-03-24 來源:演講稿 手機版




      Students, guests , teachers and Honorable Judges

      Good morning !

      my great pleasure to share my dream with you today.I have kept the dream in my mind for so long that whoever in the sun is able to live a happy life for ever.

      I think this dream is deeply rooted in the future. As we can see, we are now not far away from violence, poverty, diseases, environmental pollution and even wars. Most of people are in need of what they have never enjoyed. However, I still can stick to my innermost dream, as I still can see the bright lights in our future. I believe, there will be a day when those from the rich counties are really willing to share what they have with those from the poor countries; there will be a day when we are surprised to find that the word poverty has long been out of our memories; there will be a day when we are together to share our dreams and we will all contribute to making our common dreams come true.

      I will not just wait but to take action to live in my dream.


      Today a boy named ** is standing here and talking about the near future of the earth.Most people believe that we are living on a beautiful and vital palent.

      Because we can find everything we need from everywhere on th earth.But some of us who study the earth are very surprised that th earth is going to die much sooner than before.It means th earth will be like the Mars in a few years.And then most animals will be exterminated ,and the organism called human may not be seen on the earth any more.Is that a lie or a joke?

      No,it's serious and true .A river can be polluted by only a little trash and so little trash can be made by hundreds of families a year. But no country even America can clean the rivers as soon as we pollute them.I'm afriad we do something wrong over and over again. So we have less and less time to redress the balance of Nature.Luckily, it's not too late now. People have many things to do to stop the disaster. For example having a low-carbon lifestyle is one of the best ideas.

      More and more young people like to live a low-carbon life. So you see ,life with low-carbon can be fashionable.In fact when we protect the earth , we are protecting ourselves.Thanks for listening to me.


      Hello everybody!

      I am very glad to stand here to give you a short speech! Today my topic is Chinese dream.

      First I want to ask you some questions: 1Do you know what is Chinese dream 2what is your Chinese dream?

      Chinese dream

      Chinese dream was put forward by chairman xi last year in order to direct Chinese to a clear future.For the whole nation, it means increasing the level of living.For every single Chinese , it means realizing the value of lifeThe realization of the whole nation’s dream can not be separated from everybody’s own dream. Only by everyone’s efforts can we make the nationy’s dream come true.

      For our young people, we are supposed to have our own dream. What is dream? The famous Chinese economist LangXianPing has ever said that:”Please do not expect too munch about Chinese students, because they don’t have dream. They only want to find a common job to earn money for a house or a car. They only have a target、purpose、or goal. They don’t have dream. Purpose is not dream.

      Dream is developed by your warm heart instead of cheating your eyes in the excuse of earning money! A dream is a clear spiritual lighthouse that gives out direction when you do not know what to expect in the days ahead and offers comfort and support when you become doubtful of yourself.

      So, it’s time that we took our measures to fight for our Chinese dream!

      That’s all. Thank you!

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