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  • “范文大全” 演講稿


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      People’s opinions are always different once they talk about campus love. Some people hold the idea that campus love is a bitter fruit which may cause pains and make people hurt. Besides, people who are against campus love maintain that campus love is just a kind of thing that wastes time and money. While others declare nothing is more wonderful than love. The later seem to be idealists who love for love’s sake!

      As far as I’m concerned, I do not quite agree with the two kinds of opinions mentioned above. For one thing, since we are college students now, we should learn to take total responsibility and it is time for us to experience various kinds of "growing pains", including love. So maybe we’d better be braver to pursue it in spite of the sorrows that might happen to us.

      However, I do not mean that study can be neglected compared with love. For, as college students our main task was, is and will be study. Being adults does not mean being totally independent. A man’s first duty is to find a way of supporting himself, thereby relieving other people of the necessity of supporting him. Therefore, we have to master the skills to make a living in future. Those who abandon their study in sake of love are rather idlers than idealists!

      All in all, campus love has double edges. It is true that it may cost you something to seek it, but if you can arrange your time well, it will add color to your life and tell you how to give rather than receive without influencing your study. Just follow the star in your heart! Why not have a try?


      I love the school, if say my childhood like a string of shells, then I think the life of the school in the XXX is one of the most beautiful one. I have learned a man I love the school and learned a lot of knowledge, I am here to grow up happily. I love the warmth of the big collective, united as one love it, love its elegant environment, love its rich variety of activities. School students to participate in organized competition, students are encouraged to register; clean up the campus health, we are all hands-on; the establishment of extra-curricular groups, everyone fighting over who gets to participate. So one thing left me with an indelible impression.

      Also remember that it was New Year's party in 20XX, when Classroom layout looks extremely beautiful! The color bars covered with colorful classroom on the blackboard the words "Happy New Year" a few characters, the following horses are running in the lovely painted pony, glass puffing "Happy New Year" message. The General Assembly began, me and Liu Yunpeng as a moderator to tell you solemnly announced: " 'New Year's party now!", The students were performing a self-compiled dance, little drama, poetry recitation, heartily express our joy. Applause, laughter break out. We also conducted a lot of interesting games. Suddenly, the door opened, Zhao Shu Yi Smiling mother holding two box cake walked. "Oh, the cake myself!

      "Everyone cheered excitedly." Sub-cake now! Let us cheer -! "Liu Yunpeng joyfully waving his hands, said. Suddenly, a wave of cheering audio-visual sea wave after wave. Yu teacher gently lifted cake boxes. Wow, this cake is so beautiful! Green kiwi fruit and orange, pineapple pieces and the bright red "Happy Birthday" Picture with exceptionally good-looking. Yu teacher was showing the knife, the cake into pieces and handed us one. mouth constantly spoke words of blessing. I took the cake was so excited. I know that this cake means that we have entered a new year; we grow up, mature and become more intelligent, and Should be more sensible, more know for others services.

      At first, we just do not understand what happened to Xiao Maohai, and now we have become the school's Big Brothers Big Sisters of the. This requires the teacher's education is inseparable from the cultivation of the school. The sound of this song and laughter, we ended the New Year get-together. I saw the smiles of the students are extremely happy heart. Ah, such a collective, so how can I not love it, how can we not feel happy? I love my group, I love my school, because it is full of joy. Here I grow up happily! If you ask me, how kind of your alma mater, I will proudly say to you: "It is my heart's paradise!"


      Good afternoon,ladies and gentlemen,

      I’m Wang ***** from Class*Grade*.It’s my pleasure to stand here today to talk about my school—Dalian No.9 Middle school.

      Two years ago,when I first stepped into No.9 Middle school,I immediately fell in love with it. It is a beautiful school.The buildings are new and the walls are covered with wild roses that dazzle theeyes in the bee-humming air. I’ve thought of it often.How the grass turns green in the springtime,and how the mocking birds flutter their tails and sing,how the moon shines down on the building,how the Cuckoo Waltz rings out the precious short-lived hours,how the teenagers in bright summer dresses promenade the grassy lawn.

      During these two years,my teachers have given me unconditional support,and have given their words of encouragement in good times and their words of consolation in difficult moments.They have always given me alittle more than I asked for and instilled in me the values and principles that govern my life now.It’s the teachers’ instruction here that tells me the art of living is to know when to hold fast and when to let go.The rabbis of old put it this way “A man comes to the world with his fist clenched,but when he dies,his hand is open.” I’ve learned a lot from my classmates and friends,we have overcomed many difficulties.They have always been optimistic and humorous.When my feet hurt,they all cared about me and some of them offered to help me up and down stairs.We play together,we learn together and we grow up together.It’s the help between our classmates that tells me how to love my life.However mean life is ,meet it and live it.It’s the school motto that tells me to improve myself,seek truth and develop innovations.

      I love my school because of all this,besides,there is something more than I can say.

      To end my speech ,let’s all give our best wishes to thefurther development of our campus! Thank you.

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